Caden Jester is an 18 year old music producer from San Diego, CA. As early as 10 years old, he was making music in Garageband on his family computer. With the help of his father (who is largely responsible for his passion for music), he made his first song. A combination of loops from Garageband and recording his own vocals with the built-in microphone on his computer, it was something he was very proud of.


“I remember seeing the Garageband logo when I was a kid. I never knew what it was, but it always intrigued me. I thought it was another application like Terminal or something like that. So one day I asked my Dad what it was, and he showed me. Right then was the moment I discovered that I love to make music. Even though it was terrible, it was the most fun thing in the world to me.”


As he grew up, he began to learn more and more. He eventually persuaded his father to buy him Logic Express 9. Day and night he would watch tutorials about Logic on Youtube. So frequently, in fact, that he would become the one making them (if you look hard enough, you can even find his tutorials on Youtube today). His first few songs were heavily influenced by mainstream pop artists, but he quickly derived influence from the famed eurodance producer, Basshunter. He produced and wrote many songs in his style, trying to emulate each sound he could. From eurodance, Caden moved on to producing dutch house, in the likes of Lazy Jay, Afrojack, and many others. At this point, he had been blending many genres, including pop, dubstep, hip hop, electro, hardstyle, dirty dutch, eurodance, and tech house. He would go on to learn how to produce a little bit of everything, which gave him the freedom he has today to produce anything he desires.


By the age of 14, he already released his first EP in iTunes (which has since been deleted). It was filled with dubstep, electro, and other bass-heavy genres. This was his first proper release as a musician, apart from his multiple free downloads which had been previously released. By the age of 15, he had put out another EP, called “Rock the Ship EP”. The track that spearheaded the EP, “Life of a Pirate”, went on to be created into a dubstep VIP, which ended up garnering over 230,000 plays on Soundcloud. He released a few singles with Heavy Artillery Records, called “Spider Bite”, “Blaster”, and a track called “Overkill”, which was a collaboration with fellow artist Tucker Kreway. He released an official remix of singer/producer Alex Armes’ track “Let Me Go” on Audiophile Live, as well as a freebie given out on Play Me Records called “Ratchets and Clank”.


Caden eventually got tired of the same, bass-heavy sound. He decided to switch up his style drastically. Over time, he had gone from producing dubstep and electro, to producing future bass. He produced a few tracks in that genre, “Chasing Waves” (a tribute to Wave Racer), “Triggers”, and a track called “I.L.Y”, a freebie released via Trap and Bass. He then took his style in an entirely different direction. He took on major jazz influences, producing groovier, funkier, and more danceable tracks. He went on to produce a track called “Sugar” featuring singer Christopher Blake and rapper Rob Grimes, which collectively racked up over 350,000 plays across Spotify and Soundcloud, while his track “Secret Lover” with Soco and Christopher Blake has accumulated over 500,000 combined plays.


With more originals and remixes on the way, Caden Jester is definitely an artist to watch.

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