About Me

My name is
Caden Jester.

I’ve done some things. Read below.

About Me

I’m a 23 year old artist, producer, and mixing and mastering engineer from San Diego, California. I’ve been making music since my father first introduced me to Garageband when I was 10 years old. But even before that, I was messing around with keyboards, drums, guitars, and a bunch of other instruments. After only a few years of producing, I had already released my first album as well as many singles. I started off producing the stuff I heard on the radio… Hip hop and pop mostly. But then I discovered Basshunter and Skrillex and fell in love with electronic music when I was about 13 years old.

In 2015, I reinvented my sound and released my first stand-out single, “Sugar”, which far surpassed any of my previous releases. It went on to garner over 500k plays across Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud, and was supported by Keke Palmer in an episode of her Youtube series, That’s The Gag. My follow up singles, including “Secret Lover” and “Dreamlove”, each racked up nearly 1M plays. My single “Let You Go” was featured in the summer finale of the The Fosters and an episode of MTV’s Are You The One?, while my track “Secret Lover” was featured in an episode of MTV’s Undressed (please excuse the poor video quality). My single “Vacant Love” was featured in some of the top electronic playlists on Apple Music, currently has 200k streams and over 100k radio spins on Apple Music, and was in the Top 20 electronic songs on iTunes. My single “Serpiente” garnered over 750k streams in Spotify (600k+ in the first two months) and was supported by some of the biggest indie playlists on Spotify. 

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of production, mixing, and mastering work for other artists. A project I worked on called “La Arreglo Yo” for the latin breakout artist Carlos Carrera has nearly 1M views on Youtube. Another project by Carlos called “Para El Mundo” featuring Tavo Betancourt has nearly 10M views on Youtube. Both Carlos and Tavo are members of the immensely influential Latin Youtube collective, Badabun. I recently mastered a remix of “Si Mama” by the international superstar Inna. Last year, I assisted the renowned Latin producer El Beatboy (credits: Daddy Yankee, MC Davo, among others) in recording the vocals of Jae Bau‘s single “Sin Filtro,” featuring Byan Montero. These are just a few of the projects I’ve worked on lately. There are tons more, but these are a few of the most notable.